Long distance service

Long distance service

to national and international destinations

Nowadays, you can reach many national and international metropolises by plane, usually within an hour. The time before and after the flight, however, often takes much longer. In addition, some cities are very difficult or impossible to reach by plane or train.

Based on this, our long-distance concept was created!

Experience direct door to door service, often with the same amount of time as the combination of cab, waiting time and plane, sometimes even faster - but definitely always more relaxed!

To Zurich for a meeting, to Frankfurt for work or to Lake Garda for a swim. We connect all national and international large and small cities on one line - guaranteed without strike!

You may have to do without the stewardess with tomato juice on board with us, but also the crowds at the airport and the curious glances of your neighbor on the plane at your company presentation.

Our fair long-haul fares guarantee you the best service here without any price disadvantage. Especially if you are traveling with several colleagues or your family members, the trip will not only be more pleasant, but also cheaper than by plane.

And on request we can also get you tomato juice... 😉