The company

Metropole Chauffeurs

200 % REAL chauffeur service!

Metropole Chauffeurs was founded on 04 November 2013 by Christian Buschbeck and with its service and consulting portfolio mainly addresses the needs and requirements of business customers from all industries. Of course, private customers also enjoy our service, for example for weddings, vacation and excursion trips, exclusive dinner evenings or for visiting the opera.

Our valued clientele includes Fortune 500 global corporations, pharmaceutical groups, insurance companies, law firms and consulting firms, as well as government agencies and consulates.

We place particular emphasis on making our passengers feel completely happy and satisfied with us and guarantee that we will make their journey, whether short or long, a special mobility experience.

Of course, Metropole Chauffeurs possesses all legally required licenses and insurances, which are needed for the professional passenger transportation and fulfills all editions and regulations of the passenger transportation law ( § 49 PbefG ).

We are a certified member of the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Trade Association for Transport.

This is what we stand for with our good name!

We base our entrepreneurial thinking and actions on the following values:


Metropole Chauffeurs offers its clients a discreet appearance, excellent manners, clean vehicles and absolute professionalism.


All chauffeurs have the passenger transport license. They are intensively trained and regularly complete special driver safety training.


We are there to drive you - not to leave you standing! Therefore, you can fully rely on us at any time. "Can't be done" doesn't exist!


Perfection is our standard! Our goal is to offer you something special and create a feel-good space where you can fully concentrate on your needs.

"Completing the basic idea of service in its purest form, always having an eye for something special, perfecting every little detail and ultimately gaining the trust and goodwill of our customers - that is our passion!"
Christian Buschbeck, founder and CEO Metropole Chauffeurs