Board driver

Temporary board chauffeur

...reliable and personal!

In addition to our limousine service in our own vehicles, we are also happy to provide a chauffeur for your own vehicle.

  • You have a company car, but want to use the travel time effectively instead of having to focus on the morning rush hour?
  • You need a vacation or sickness replacement for your company's internal driver?
  • You are temporarily not in possession of a driver's license, but still need to keep your appointments?


The reasons are very different, the solution is just as simple!

Your advantages at a glance:

Our chauffeurs are available reliably and punctually and are experienced and familiar with all vehicle and performance classes.

Thanks to a strong team in a shift system, you do not have to worry about longer working hours or driving and rest times if necessary.

By eliminating personnel costs and the risk of absenteeism, e.g. due to illness, the company budget is also relieved and you have free resources.

With the flexible assignment of our chauffeurs, we are available to you by the hour, day, month or permanently. Just as you wish or need it.

Feel free to contact us for your individual offer and ask for our attractive business customer rates - we look forward to hearing from you by mail or phone!